Sunday, October 29, 2006

My Freebie Five

Chandler: Well, we have a deal where we each get to pick five different celebrities that we can sleep with, and the other one can't get mad.
Ross: Ah, the heart of every healthy relationship: Honesty, respect, and sex with celebrities.
~ Friends, episode 3.05

This is the kind of thing I think about when I should be concentrating on work. I'm sure everyone, no matter how much they love their significant others, has at some point come up with a list of get-out-of-jail free celebrities. Just for kicks (and as an excuse to test out this blogger image upload), here are mine:

1. Michael Turner - This man is amazing! He studied marine biology before becoming one of the greatest comic book artists today. Even more impressive: he's battled cancer. He's also the only celebrity on my freebie list that I've actually met in person, but I was such a squealing little fangirl the whole time that I embarrassed myself and ruined my (relatively slim, I'm sure) chances.

2. Gael Garcia Bernal - He's beautiful, incredibly talented, and would be a great reason to practice my spanish. And I'll admit, I love watching him get naked in, like, EVERY movie he makes. It shows confidence in his body, or something. *drool*

3. Jason Schwartzman - I've had the biggest crush on this guy since high school. His role in Rushmore, believe it or not, was what totally did it for me. I have this thing for socially inept geeks, I suppose. I saw Phantom Planet in concert a few years ago, but it was after he had already left the band. So sad. I did get to hang out with the other guys, though, and took them bar hopping around Athens. That was also the night that MC Chris (of Adult Swim fame) offered to, uh, perform certain "services" on me. He was completely high at the time. You'll notice he's not on this list...

4. Peter Sarsgaard - Another quirky actor. I have no idea why I'm so attracted to him, because it's not like he always makes the best career choices (although Garden State more than made up for Skeleton Key, and Kinsey pretty much absolves him of any future wrongdoing). Again, *drool*

5. Justin Long - The newest edition to my list. Between Galaxy Quest and all those Mac commercials, he's pretty much the ultimate geek. How could I not wanna screw him?

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