Saturday, December 18, 2004

Things I learned today...

1. The Braves have traded for Tim Hudson, formerly of the A's (my third-favorite team). Now if they could just get Eric Chavez, I'd be an extremely happy girl.

2. America is WAY too dependent on oil. Osama's threats wouldn't affect us if we'd just hurry up and get some electric cars already. Speaking of, I saw a bummer sticker today that said, "My other car is a hybrid." Unfortunately, it was on the back of an SUV.

3. I hate cell phones. I recently had dinner with a friend, and her phone started to ring. We were in the middle of a conversation, so I figured she would either ignore it, or send the call to voice mail. Oh, no. She not only answered the phone, she proceeded to have a five minute conversation with the person on the other end while I was just sitting there, twiddling my thumbs. When she finally got off the phone, she recounted the entire conversation for me, as if I had not been sitting less than a foot away, and clearly able to hear it for myself. A few minutes later, I was in mid-sentence when she reached down and answered it again. Ack! So rude! But what really drove me over the edge today was all the annoying ring tones at work, many of which were ignored by the owner. If you're not going to answer it, at least turn it off.

4. I am an even bigger dork than I realized. We received a large shipment of decorative pillows today. To make room for them, I removed all of one style of pillow from the "pillow wall" and placed them in boxes in the aisle of the store. When the Home Store ASM asked if we would have enough room for the new pillows, I told him that we just needed to rearrange the old ones on the wall so that there wouldn't be gaps between them, and that this would free up at least two shelves of space. Except I described it as, "defragging the pillow wall." Luckily, he understood what I meant and merely thought I had used a clever metaphor.

5. Spanglish is a really good movie, and my spanish is a lot better than I thought it was. Not only was I able to understand the majority of what Paz Vega was saying, but I also spent my entire car drive home translating the songs on the radio into spanish. See? Dork!

6. Tequila is BAD. I learned this a long time ago, but my roommate has just walked in the door, piss-drunk on the stuff, and she's being loud and complaining about how much she hates it. She's also telling me how much she loves me and asking the dog to clean up the house for her. Silly drunk roommate.

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