Sunday, March 27, 2005

This is not the cake you are looking for...

Fran made a kick-ass R2D2 cake for Jay's birthday last night. And I finally figured out how to get my phone to send pictures - without reading the manual. Score!

Friday, March 11, 2005

"It's a bring your own God church." - Arlo Guthrie

*Went to the Gary Louris/Mark Olsen concert with Chris on Wednesday night. I rushed to Variety Playhouse after work and made it just in time. I walked in the door, and this guy starts smiling at me and waves me over to him. I'm sure I was gawking, because he looked just like Brian from Queer As Folk and I had no idea why he was talking to me. Then I realized it was Patrick, my pinball buddy from trivia. So that was cool, because I always like meeting up with random people at concerts. We talked for a while, then went inside. Chris had saved me a seat in the second row, which turned out to suck because when everyone stood in front of the stage, you couldn't see the band. So we moved to the floor for the majority of the show. But the best part was that one of the singers in the opening band was SARAH LEE GUTHRIE! I actually squealed when she introduced herself, turned to Chris and said, "Do you know who that is?!" He was not quite as excited as I was, but oh, well. (She's the granddaughter of Woody Guthrie and daughter of Arlo Guthrie, in case anyone's curious.) So the show was excellent, and I took some pictures with my new camera phone. As soon as I figure out how to email them, I'll put them up here.
...Oh, and Gary and Mark were great, too. I actually knew more Jayhawks songs than I thought I did. And the hippie mom in front of us provided entertainment as well. Remember "Moonbeam" from PCU? Picture her 20 years from now - that's who was shaking her ass in front of Chris all night long.

Pictures from the show:

Gary Louris

Mark Olsen

"Doc Brown" (Not really, but doesn't he look like it?)

* The store visit went very well. I got to meet John Belk, the (former) CEO of the company and a few other people. The important thing was that they liked the store, and that I was able to leave work early. So Charlie and I went to see The Jacket, which we both enjoyed. Charlie called it "the good version of Gothika," although I thought it was a bit more like 12 Monkeys. Since we were the only ones in the theater, we were able to talk and laugh without having to worry about disturbing other people, which was fun.

* After trivia last night, a bunch of us went to Eric's house and got completely messed up. We also watched Ali G in da House (which I unfortunately remember very little of) and the dog, Bo, kept trying to eat my hand. I think. Will drove Liz and Heather home, but I brilliantly decided to sit in my car, listen to music, and wait out my buzz. I ended up falling asleep in Eric's driveway. So that was interesting. I woke up at about 4 this morning, remembered where I was, drove home, and fell asleep again. Woke up late for my lunch date with Roger, but it was ok because he was a little late, too.

Now I'm just killing time before I head into Atl to see Charlie. We're going to watch a jam band called Umphrey's McGee and get dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Good times.

Tomorrow: Battle of the Bands at the Masquerade
Sunday: Hockey Night (or Hockey Afternoon, actually) in Gwinnett - with free Cam Brown bobblehead dolls!

Friday, March 04, 2005

Worst Week Ever!

Falling down a flight of stairs - DOWNGRADE!
Getting awesome drugs from the doctor - UPGRADE!
Having a visit from the corporate office to prepare for - DOWNGRADE!
Having a pre-visit-visit with the division managers, so they can tell you what needs to be fixed before the big visit - UPGRADE!
The division managers telling you that your store looks terrible and that you should be fired because you suck at your job - DOWNGRADE!
Your boss telling you that your store actually looks better than a lot of other stores in the region, and that you do not suck - UPGRADE!
Working late every night to fix all the crap the DMs want done - DOWNGRADE!
Getting paid extra $$ for working so much overtime - UPGRADE!
Missing your friend's birthday because you've been stuck at work every night - DOWNGRADE!

I finally have some time off tomorrow; unfortunately, I agreed to baby-sit Hunter, son of The Chad. Which really isn't that bad, cause he's 5 and a really cool little kid. Plus, I get to use Sis's SUV while my car is in the shop. I also have to send in my tax return, pay some bills, and go by the bank to deposit a few checks. And then I have to go back to work on Sunday. But I get a three-day weekend next week (possibly 4, if I stay late again every night) so that's something to look forward to.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005