Sunday, April 03, 2005

What, no "Piano Man"?

Went to "Movin' Out" tonight with Rob and Erin. It was spectacularly disappointing. Which is not to say that it was bad, just not what I was expecting. Not what a lot of patrons were expecting, if the grumbling on the smoker's porch during intermission was any indicator. I had wanted to see it, and now I have, so I guess that counts for something. For anyone who hasn't seen/heard about it, "Movin' Out" is basically two hours of interpretive dance set to Billy Joel songs. There was a plot, of sorts, but no dialogue (except for marching orders during the Vietnam scene) and the dancers didn't sing. But there was a live band above the stage, and the choreography was awesome. The only thing that really annoyed me: in one scene, one of the characters was dancing and the stage lights were shining right into the upper-level seats, blinding us to what was going on on stage. I'm sure it looked cool for the people at floor level, but those of us with crappy seats missed it and had to deal with bright lights burning into our retinas.

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