Monday, November 15, 2004

The people you meet in bars...

Today was a very interesting day. I went over to Michelle's and hung out with her and the boys while they got their family Christmas portraits taken.

One of the "practice pictures" taken at the house before we left for Olan Mills. Are these guys adorable, or what? :o) Michelle and I also went to O'Charley's for dinner (leaving the boys at home, to fend for themselves), and then to the Gladiators/Sea Wolves game. Which was awesome, by the way. We (and by "we" I mean the Gladiators, just in case you were wondering) won in overtime. And I was really happy that Chris Durno scored the game-tying goal, because those Sea Wolves players were beating up on him all night and I figured that was poetic justice. Especially since we scored again (and won!) 40 seconds into overtime. Anyway, the game was great. The strange thing happened when we went to Summits after the game for a beer.

I'm used to having weird older guys come up and talk to me while I'm there, because it's a bar and I'm a pretty approachable person. So, Michelle and I are drinking and talking and laughing (loudly) when this guy comes up and kinda starts hitting on us. He asks if he can ditch the chick he's sitting with now, sit with us, and offers to pay for our beers and food. We accept, because hey! it's free beer and he seems ok, really funny and maybe just a little bit strange, but what the hell. So he sits down with us. We're talking, and I have my beer passport laying on the table. It has my full name on it. He glances at it, then pushes it to the side. Calls me by my first name (and this is before we've introduced ourselves) and starts messing around with me, "predicting" all this stuff that's strangely spot-on. Like that I have one younger sister, I've lived in Snellville pretty much my whole life, I was a Girl Scout for a number of years, my mom's an accountant, and I grew up with a father figure who was not my biological dad. Needless to say, I was a little freaked out, so I start asking him how he knows so much about me. Michelle and I figure I must know him from somewhere, but I don't recognize him at all. He FINALLY hands over a business card, and I'm still a little freaked. Because this guy is a rather prominent businessman in our town, he's a client of my mom's, my friend works for him, he used to live down the street from my current roommate, and I was in Girl Scouts with his step-daughter for a few years. Luckily, he hadn't been hitting on me so hardcore that this realization was especially awkward or anything, but he did ask me not to mention it to my mom or my friend that works for him. Yeesh. Michelle and I actually ended up talking to him for a few hours, mostly about our mutual acquaintances and the randomness that comes with living in a small town for one's entire life. Michelle always teases me about knowing someone everywhere we go (and we did run into someone I knew everywhere we went today, with the exception of Olan Mills), but this was just too weird. And it's strange to think that I'm reaching an age at which my friends' dads will try to pick me up in bars. A little creepy, too.

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