Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thursday Three: Comics!

What is Thursday 3? It's a new weekly meme, hosted by Tasha, in which we will be discussing our love/hate relationship with our current read.

Here is how Thursday 3 works:
Take your current read, or book you previously finished, and tell me the following 3 things about it.

Character from the book you LOVE (This can be a character you want as your BFF or someone you want to take home to meet the parents)

Character from the book you HATE (This character does not have to be the villian, just someone you disliked)

Your overall LOVE/HATE of the book. (If you haven't decided your feelings for the book yet, or if you prefer, just provide a snippet from the book containing either the word "LOVE" or "HATE")

I wasn't going to post a Thursday Three today because I'm still reading A Feast for Crows (I read the other ASOIAF books in 2-3 days, if that gives you an idea of my feelings towards this book), but the I realized I could write a post about the comics I picked up today instead! I'm really digging the new DC 52 - today's haul included Aquaman #4, The Flash #4, The Guild: Zaboo, Batman #4, and Voodoo #4.

Character I LOVE: Zaboo! He's played by Sandeep Parikh on the web series The Guild, and the comic was written by Sandeep and Felicia Day, the creator and writer of the show. The character is lovable and exasperating, and I think the comic did a great job of showing how he got that way.

Character I HATE: the law enforcement in Coastal City! Seriously, Aquaman just saved a bunch of people - give the man some respect! At least Aquaman got a dog out of the ordeal.*

My overall LOVE/HATE of the book: I love all the comics I picked up today (why bother reading them otherwise?), but I have to admit that I'm most surprised by my affection for Aquaman. He used to be the biggest punching bag in the DCU, but between his shark-telepathy in last week's issue of Justice League and his sensitivity in this week's issue of Aquaman, he's really growing on me and quickly becoming one of my favorite heroes.

* When I told my boyfriend about Aquaman's new pet, he suggested the name "Run," so that he could be referred to as "sea-dog Run." Ah, puns.

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