Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy Fourth!

...or, as my aunt told me on Facebook this morning, "May the Fourth be with you!" (I'm not entirely sure she understood my Star Wars Day post.)

Today I completed my fifth Peachtree Road Race. It was a great day for running - drizzling and overcast, with just a bit of wind - and I actually made pretty good time. I started out the race with my buddy Jason:
but I couldn't keep up with him for too long. 

My right knee has been bothering me since I finished my fourth half-marathon this past March. I went to the doctor for my yearly check-up yesterday and she checked it out (I even got it x-rayed!) and told me it's probably fine, just normal getting old stuff (hmph!), but I should take it easy after this race and work on strengthening my quads. So, I was a little worried about running today and decided I would take it slow. Of course, all that didn't stop me from signing up for three more races at the Expo when I picked up my number! 

Batman met me at the end of the race with chocolate milk and a car ride back to his apartment (which was awesome, because I really didn't want to walk that hill after doing 6.2 miles!). My post-race tradition is to hit up the Midtown Vortex for a veggie burger, Yokohama Mama-style, with tater tots and ranch dressing for dipping. Technically I'm still on the slow carb diet, but I took a mini cheat day. It was worth it!

Now we're just relaxing at home. Fireworks have been canceled or postponed until Labor Day, so I'm pretty sure we'll just be chilling out and playing Tetris for the rest of the day. 

Happy Birthday, America! :)

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