Monday, March 10, 2014

Music Munday: Welcome to Night Vale Live!

Yep, it's the triumphant (?) return of Music Munday. And what better way to celebrate than a post that's only tangentially related to music? :P

This past Friday, Batman and I saw a live show of one of my favorite podcasts, Welcome to Night Vale! It was actually my Valentine's Day present, and I was beyond excited. If you're unfamiliar with the show, the conceit is this: WtNV is a community radio show, hosted by the amazing Cecil. Every week, he delivers news about the desert town of Night Vale (usually involving the mysterious and supernatural) and the people who live there. My favorite recurring characters are the Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in Your House and Tameka Flynn (a middle schooler who battles the town's dangerous and carnivorous librarians). Here's the first episode:

Awesome, right? I discovered it thanks to my friend Shivana, who cosplayed as Tameka at DragonCon last year (complete with decapitated librarian head!) and was hooked immediately. It's the perfect blend of unsettling, zany, and hilarious.

You might be wondering where the "music" comes in for this Music Munday post. About three-quarters of the way through every broadcast, Cecil brings listeners "the weather" in the form of a song from an obscure (at least to me) artist. It's pretty hit-or-miss in my opinion, but every once in a while there's an interesting band or really great song. Usually I just want to skip through them, though. Luckily, the musical guests chosen for Friday night's show, Danny Schmidt and Carrie Elkin, were pretty good! Carrie reminded me of Jennifer Nettles back when she used to do solo shows. They performed this song together and I really liked it, but couldn't find a video of them together:

So here's a bonus video of Carrie covering Bob Dylan:

It was definitely an experience to watch a podcast (especially when I'm used to just hearing it!) being made. If you get the chance, check it out! It was a fun night.

The cast of Welcome to Night Vale

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