Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wednesday Comics for 23 April 2014

My reviews from last week were deleted (I was trying to post from my phone and forgot to save when I finished - trust, I won't make that mistake again!), so I'm skipping ahead to the books I got on April 23rd.

Aquaman #30: My shop didn't get any copies of this, unfortunately, but hopefully I'll get one next week.

Batman Eternal #3: The triumphant return of the sinkable Stephanie Brown! Her father, the Cluemaster, is trying to kill her and she realizes that he's probably involved in all the shady stuff going down. And the police have a totally new, totally corrupt commissioner whose philosophy about capes is that they need to sort out their own business...even if it means losing a few innocent citizens in the process. I love that the action is really starting to get going, but I'm mostly excited about seeing Steph in a book again. <3 

Danger Girl: May Day #1: This issue seemed really short. A cargo ship is invaded by a group of pirates. When the lifeless body of Natalia is brought on board, the pirate leader, April, decides to revive her. Natalia has no memories of her former life, but it looks like April is going to change that. This was a decent first issue, but by the time I got invested in it, it was over. 

Dead Boy Detectives #5: Charles and Edwin return home with Crystal, who has decided to set up a detective agency in her backyard. Edwin finds their first case immediately: a young girl and her maid are trapped, upside down, in a room in the house of the local crazy cat lady. I loved this because it's the first issue of a two-part story (I like breaking up longer arcs with shorter ones), it featured cats, and the rules of being a ghost get explained. 

Fathom: Kiani #2: Kiani doesn't trust Luzhin, but since he's also a Blue (and claims to know where her sister is), she pretends to trust him. I was honestly hoping for more of Kiani and Dante (I liked seeing her interact with a human - the hug is adorable!), but she's a soldier rather than a baby-sitter so I can understand the necessity. I don't understand why she agreed to work with Luzhin, though. He doesn't give her proof of Anika's life so much as show her the technology they used to locate her. And when he hooks her up to a bunch of equipment, her power levels spike and she blows up the entire complex. So, not a super-trustworthy guy.

The Flash #30: The Flash was one of my surprise favorites when the New 52 launched. I wasn't a big fan of the scarlet speedster in his previous incarnations, but the story and art of the new series blew me away and I was hooked. I was a little worried about having a new creative come on board, but I'm a big fan of Venditti and Jensen and have complete faith in where they're taking my now-beloved Barry. This issue focused on Barry getting checked out by the force psych in order to get cleared for active duty (having survived the Crime Syndicate...somehow...) interspersed with him leaving mid-evaluation to clean up the city and save people. It was a fun re-introduction to the story for new readers and gave us an intriguing new storyline in form of future Flash.

Soulfire #4: Mal gets jealous when an angel shows up to act as the beacon to the cult of Gabriel's Voice. P.J. and Benoist discover who's been trying to hurt them. Grace gets closer to her new friend Vanyss. All three storylines are heating up, and there's a pretty major twist in the final page that I probably should've seen coming. The art is gorgeous, as usual. I especially love the designs of Michael and Vanyss. 

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