Sunday, June 08, 2014

NYC 2014: Day One

When I tried to document our trip to NYC last year, I didn't get very far. We'll see if this time goes better. :)

Jon and I woke up early, had some Sweet Hut buns (I seriously cannot wait until their Midtown location opens later this month), and drove to Hartsfield. Security has changed SO MUCH since last year: we were allowed to keep our shoes on, we didn't have to pull out our toiletry bags, and we were allowed to use  our phones (in airplane mode) during takeoff and landing. It's crazy. The flight was great - we flew Southwest, which we weird because they didn't assign seats. You just line up and sit wherever. 

When we arrived in LaGuardia, we took the bus/subway to Times Square and dropped our lone suitcase at the hotel. While we waited for check-in, we wandered around and saw the Puerto Rican Day Parade, the Lego Store, and Nintendo World:

After a nap and dinner (street car falafel, whut-what!), we went to see Heathers: The Musical. 

It was SO GREAT. Campy and hilarious and so so so much fun. The leads were amazing, and I will definitely be buying the soundtrack on June 17.

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