Saturday, December 31, 2005

101 Things in 1001 Days

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Why 1001 Days?
Many people have created lists in the past - frequently simple goals such as new year's resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organising and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.

~ borrowed from triplux

My 101:
1. Come up with 101 things to do in 1001 days and post the list on the web. It sounds a LOT easier than it actually is, but at least I have one down now. (12/31/05)
2. Complete a gallery of 26 things.
3. Learn how to drive a car with manual transmission.
4. Learn how to change the oil in my car.
5. Learn how to knit.
6. Make a quilt.
7. Learn how to play guitar. Or at least one song on the guitar. And retain the knowledge, for the love of Pete! Ryan taught me how to play "Blister in the Sun" back in high school, but that's been lost to the ages.
8. Visit the new aquarium. Tim took me for my birthday (11/04/06)
9. Attend a Falcons game.
10. Attend a Thrashers game. (hey! I need at least one easy one) (01/21/06)
11. Attend a Braves game. (ok...make that two easy ones)
12. Learn how to ice skate.
13. Borrow Sis's digital camera and take pictures of Atlanta graffiti. (an art project I've been thinking about for a while now)
14. Create a website for said pictures.
15. Go to at least five small art galleries in Atlanta, preferably featuring artists or periods/movements that I'm unfamiliar with.
16. Attend at least one opera.
17. See Rent live. (06/15/06)
18. Save one dollar a day for 6 months.
19. Try at least five new cocktails, and learn how to make them at home. My goal is to find my own signature drink. It'll probably be a dirty martini, but I have to be fair and give others a chance.
20. Watch every movie on AFI's top 100 list. (not all at once, mind you)
21. Finally finish my scrapbooks from England, New York, Texas, and Salt Lake City.
22. Watch a Spanish film without subtitles or dubbing, just to see how much I can actually pick up.
23. Get a teaching job.
24. Work in New Orleans for the summer.
25. Read every book on the ALA's 100 Most Frequently Challenged Books list. (not too difficult, as many are children's or ya lit)
26. Read every book on the ALA's Banned and/or Challenged Books from the Radcliffe Publishing Course Top 100 Novels of the 20th Century list. (slightly harder, as these are not children's or ya lit)
27. Travel to a Spanish-speaking country.
28. Climb Stone Mountain.
29. Go tubing.
30. Take Hunter to the Yellow River Game Ranch.
31. Finish the needlepoint that I started 6 years ago, and finish Matt's afghan.
32. Re-learn all the presidents in order of office.
33. Learn all of the state capitals. (is it sad that I don't know them?)
34. Eat a fruit that I have never tried before. This is actually really easy to accomplish, considering I now work in a grocery store.
35. Test drive my dream car - if I can complete #3 and find an MGB dealership in GA.
36. I can already say "I am a big duck" in 9 different languages - Spanish, French, German, Italian, Latin, Russian, Hindi, Cambodian, and of course, English. I should probably lean how to say something I bit more useful, like, "Do you speak English?" Or learn "I am a big duck" in five more languages.
37. Learn enough French to understand the Circle bonus show. I think it's just Eddie performing his English show in French, but it would be cool to watch and understand anyway.
38. Allow my sister to help me pick out an outfit that Stacy and Clinton would approve of. Potentially painful, as I'm sure pointy-toed heels will be involved. (01/07/06)
39. Travel to at least five new states. One down, four to go... (03/09/06)
40. Go through my cd collection, burn copies of everything I want to keep, and then sell them all at Warehouse Music. Mostly done. Apparently, they don't want to buy what I'm selling, but I'm working on it.
41. Go to Wizard World Atlanta.
42. Volunteer. Anywhere. At least once. (I used to work with the Latino Outreach Center at GSU, and I'd really like to get involved in something like that again) I volunteered at the Eatonton Christian Outreach, which was basically a thrift store. It was...not what I was expecting. I ended up hanging and putting away clothes while the people who were actually paid to be there sat around watching soap operas.
43. Participate in the Peachtree Road Race with my mom. I didn't say place, I just said participate. And it's something she really wants to do, apparently.
44. Train myself to run a mile. Or at least jog it. I'm so out of shape.
45. Take a yoga class.
46. Take a karate class.
47. Become a Girl Scout troop leader. I attended a leader's meeting with my mom and have re-registered for Girl Scouts, so I'm getting there.
48. Write a short story.
49. Spend a day at the beach and not get burned, because I actually remembered to apply sunblock and kept it on all day.
50. Go to the planetarium.
51. Have a star named after someone. Don't know who right now. Probably my mom. Or sister.
52. Re-establish contact with five people I knew at Southern. I really should e-mail Dr. Griffin anyway, and writing it down ensures that I will do it. So far, I've gotten back in touch with Heather and Dr. Paige. Two down, three to go... Facebook counts, right?
53. Take Hunter to the zoo.
54. Go backpacking for a weekend by myself.
55. Go to at least five restaurants that I've never eaten at before. Easy, when you move and are forced to find new places to eat.
56. Go scuba diving.
57. Go back to Scotland and climb Arthur's Seat again.
58. Get a medical check-up. I'm healthy!
59. Have the dashboard light in my car replaced.
60. Scrape all the old bumper stickers off my car. "Stop bitching, start a revolution" can stay.
61. Participate in NaNoWriMo.
62. Learn how to make a cobbler. Stella says every Southern woman should do this.
63. Send out Christmas cards.
64. Make Christmas cards.
65. Buy an address book and put all known addresses in it.
66. Collect all 50 US statehood quarters.
67. Take a dance class. Probably swing. I took a swing class in high school and really liked it.
68. Convince a male friend to take a dance class with me.
69. Make a batch of jam.
70. Learn at least one poem by heart.
71. See Eddie Izzard perform live.
72. Sew an item of clothing from scratch.
73. Research my family tree as far back as possible.
74. While completing #57, get a kilt made or buy a kilt in my family tartan.
75. Attend a Hawks game.
76. See Mario Lemuiex play for the Penguins just once before he retires for real. He went and retired on, making this impossible to complete. So sad. (01/29/06)
77. Visit Philadelphia.
78. Paint a self-portrait. I did this for a high school art project, and mom still has it hanging in her house. I'd like to make an updated one.
79. Swim with dolphins again.
80. Go to a casino.
81. Drive Route 66. (if this is still possible, and gas prices go down)
82. Go horseback riding.
83. Own a sea anemone and clown fish, just because their symbiotic relationship fascinates me. And they're pretty.
84. Plant an herb garden.
85. Get at least 5 pictures professionally matted and framed.
86. Sing at least one karaoke song by myself. Karaoke Revolution, while fun, does not count. Done. Blondie, eat your heart out.
87. Take a pottery class.
88. Audition for a play.
89. Audition for a TV reality/quiz show. (I'm thinking more Jeopardy! than Real World)
90. Buy a new sketchbook and draw on every single page.
91. Have a reunion weekend for my old Girl Scout troop.
92. Visit Canada.
93. Get a manicure.
94. Own a Michael Turner sketch. Preferably of Nightcrawler, but I'm really not picky.
95. Learn how to water ski. (shouldn't be difficult, as my parents live on a lake and I have attempted to learn in the past)
96. I have three watches, all with dead batteries. I want to get at least one of them working again, because not having a watch is annoying.
97. Participate in bookcrossing by releasing at least 10 books into the wild. In progress...visit my bookshelf
98. Rasterbate something.
99. Teach myself to write (well) left-handed.
100. Organize comic books in long boxes and upload the list to Stash my Comics or some other site. Done, although it is an on-going process - I get new comics every week, and will need to remember to add them to the database. You can see my collection here!
101. Read a book in Spanish before I read it in English.

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