Thursday, April 05, 2007

New Comic Wednesday

I thought today was going to be a light day for comic purchases - I didn't pick up the new JLA because Michael Turner didn't do the cover, and my BFF was going to get her own copy of Buffy #2, which meant that I only had two books on my pull list: Runaways #25 (written by Joss!) and Danger Girl: Body Shots #1. Fortunately (or "Un-", if you're my bank account), my LCS guy got in a whole slew of back issues for me. So now my Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane set is almost complete and I finally got that copy of Fathom: Kiani #1. "Finally" is probably not the best choice of words, since it's only been a week, but it feels like much longer.

Anyway, yay! comics. If I didn't have a 20-page research paper due in a week, I'd be knee-deep in reading right now.

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