Saturday, September 13, 2008

Weekly Geeks #17.1

I have been woefully AWOL from the blog for a few weeks now; I blame my busy teaching schedule and the fact that my roommate and I still haven't managed to get cable and internet hooked up at the apartment. Oh, well. I'm dog- and house-sitting this weekend, which gave me a chance to check out the ol' Google Reader (over 1,000 unread items!) and see what Dewey had cooked up for this week's WG.
This week’s activity is: A Quote a Day.
Which is great for me, because I just have to find seven quotes and set up Blogger's auto-post function. Voila!: I feel like a contributing member of book blogging society once more. :)

For my first quote, I went with an old favorite:
"Men of sense, whatever you may chuse to say, do not want silly wives." - Emma, Jane Austen (Volume 1, Chapter 8)
If only, Mr. Knightley, if only...

Tune in tomorrow to see another nugget of wisdom - and to find out if auto-posting works!

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