Saturday, November 15, 2008

Advice from the undead

If you're as excited/scared about the Twilight movie as I am, you might enjoy this: Edward Cullen's Guide to Vampire Dating. He forgot the three most important things, though:

* Smolder ("with the eyes!" as Tyra would say)

* Smile Crookedly (or however your girlfriend refers to as her "favorite")

* Chuckle (A Lot)

This movie has great RHPS potential. I cannot wait for the suckfest (hee!) to begin.


Veens said...

can u believe i have NOT read this series... and it is the MOST talked about BOOK :D

I will surely pick it up and SEE if i like it!

though... i dnt rally really like Vampires **creeepssssss**!

Andi said...

I have to see it again. I've decided. Obsessive fan? Yep! That's me. lol

The baseball game is worth the price of admission alone. I can overlook the bad running effects and swoony eyes!