Saturday, September 25, 2004


The check-out guy at Kroger, "Russ," totally pissed me off tonight. I had been making conversation with two guys buying beer who were standing in line in front of me, and when they got to the check-out, Russ said to them, "Muchas gracias. Cuidado. Hasta luego." I guess the "cuidado" was because they were buying beer, but it didn't make sense anyway because THEY WERE ASIAN, NOT HISPANIC! They did not LOOK Hispanic, nor were they talking to each other in a language that was even remotely Spanish, so I have no idea how Russ could've thought they were. But they took it in stride, laughing and responding, "Gracias, senor," but with really Southern-sounding accents (mimicking, I guess, Russ's own accent). I wouldn't have been annoyed had Russ also spoken to me in Spanish, but when I got to him I had to listen to a rant about the dangers of being drunk (which they were not; they were laughing at Russ's mistake) and "ending up plastered to the sidewalks" and how we would then have to "ship them back to Mexico in a pine box." Whatever, Russ. Shut up.

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