Monday, September 13, 2004

I guess keyboards are making a comeback...

Just got home from the 99X Upstart Fest Part 2. It was amazing! We got there right before The Whigs went on, so we got to see them, the Scissor Sisters, The Killers, and Franz Ferdinand. And Parade Kid, who wasn't a band, but rather a 30-year-old man who dresses up as an elf and attends parades in his hometown of Douglasville. Yeah, it was weird to me, too.

Some highlights:
* Calandro, one of the DJs for the radio station, was walking around with some chick and my sister goes, "Hey, it's Calandro!" She must have said it pretty loudly (not surprising, given that she was drunk - and hiccuping), because he turned around, came over, and introduced himself to our little group. Sis asked if the girl with him was his girlfriend, and after learning that she was not, asked her to kiss Calandro, which she did. That made him (and my silly drunk sister) very happy.
* There were a group of beefy, redneck-looking guys standing near us just before the Scissor Sisters went on. I figured they were just there for the booze, but as soon as SS took the stage, they went wild! Dancing, singing along, the whole bit. For those of you who have not heard of or seen the Scissor Sisters, they're kind of a disco-pop-glam rock band, with a very flamboyant lead singer. It was one of the best live bands I've ever seen, and I was really happy to see that group of men getting so into the music. Hooray for busting stereotypes!
* A bunch of people started crowd-surfing during The Killers, which was annoying because I couldn't watch the band. I had to keep turning around to make sure no one was about to fall on me. This did provide an excellent way to meet people, however. One chick we started talking to took a fancy to Chris, and they now have a date to watch The Killers in Athens later this week. Yay!
* During Franz Ferdinand's set, some guys standing next to us decided to spark up. A security guy from the music park caught them and walked them to the edge of the crowd, informing them that they wouldn't be arrested, but they would be searched, forced to hand over whatever weed they had, and then kicked out of the park. Will and I figured that meant the security guys would be having a fun time later tonight...
* Driving home, I almost got ran off the road by an emo kid we had seen at the concert. I guess he didn't realize the lane he was in was a left turn only lane, and that the lanes shifted after the light, because he came barreling into mine. Luckily, the road was relatively clear and I was able to scoot over to the next lane before he hit me, but this did cause me to let loose with a string of expletives and a tirade on why stupid people shouldn't be allowed to drive.

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