Sunday, May 04, 2008


My baby sister* got married this weekend! And I only cried, like, 60% of the time. Mostly while I was trying to give my toast, which was really embarrassing. And it's preserved on video for all eternity! Or at least until HD-DVDs become obsolete.

So, one thing up is graduation on Friday. I don't really HAVE to do anything for that, but I was given a chance to rework some of my assignments for a better grade. I already have my job lined up for next year (I just need to sign my contract...) so my summer will be spent working occasionally, getting lesson plans together, and participating in the 1% Well-Read Challenge**. My last challenge didn't do so well, but I'm thinking this one will fare better. Hooray! More info to come.

* She's actually 25, but you know what I mean.

** I've already read quite a few of the books on the 1001 List, so I'll be more like 2% well-read. Nyah-nyah.

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