Saturday, August 02, 2008

Weekly Geeks #13

This week's challenge: guess the author photos!

1. (One of) My favorite authors:

2. Author of a book I'm reading right now:

3. Author I have met:
I actually got to have breakfast with this guy - one of the perks of being an honors student in college.

4. Video of an author I've seen speak:

The best part is, he filmed part of this while he was at my university (The Ficus National Convention @ 1:03 - I'm in the front row, next to the guy in the yellow shirt!)

5. Author of the book I most recently finished:
Seriously, if you don't know this one...

6. HOT author:
I think it's the glasses (I also have a thing for Rivers Cuomo).

Think you know who these authors are? Leave your answers in the comments. Anyone who guesses correctly will be entered in a drawing for a free book!


Alessandra said...

Number 5 is Stephenie Meyer! Unfortunately, I don't know the others.

debnance said...

Well, phooey! All I knew was Stephanie Meyer.

Anonymous said...

The last guy looks RockABilly!

naida said...

the only one I recognize is Stephenie Meyers. That last one with the glasses isnt too bad looking :)

Book Zombie said...

Stephanie Meyer I know and the hot guy is Cory Doctorow (I believe that's the spelling)

gautami tripathy said...

I got another Corey on my post who is hot too! Check it out!

Check out my author photos!