Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I love Halloween. One of the best parts? All the "Thriller" covers and remakes that start popping up this time of year.

Exhibit A: This guy recorded 64 different voice tracks to create a completely A Capella version. It's amazing, to say the least.
François Macré - Thriller (reprise A'cappella 64 pistes)

(via Neatorama)

Exhibit B: A group of French students filmed this lip dub at their community college. What is it with the French and "Thriller"?

(via Videogum)

Exhibit C: Well, I couldn't find the EXACT video I wanted for this one. See, at last week's football game, the opposing team's marching band played "Thriller" during their halftime performance, which was awesome enough.* But then, the entire band put down their instruments and did the zombie dance! Ashley and I were in heaven, and I actually stood up and cheered when they finished. Probably a no-no, given that they were, you know, the opposing team, but it was so incredible I couldn't resist. I couldn't find a video of that exact performance, but this one is pretty similar.

* Full disclosure: when we first saw the color guard, they were wearing black velvet cloaks with the hoods pulled up. I turned to Ashley and said (way too excitedly), "Do you think they're doing a Harry Potter-themed show?" To which she replied, "I was thinking Twilight." We are dorks. Dorks who enjoy marching band performances much more than football games.


Fyrefly said...

Heh, awesome. I've always been a big fan of the Thriller Wedding, myself:

jessi said...

I hadn't seen that one! Thanks. :) Have you seen the Dirty Dancing wedding? It's pretty awesome, too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYhlm9GTAQ0