Sunday, May 01, 2005

Damnit, who was my flax?!

This is the awesomest game ever! Fran brought it to Jeff's last night for Board Game Night. Sorta like a cross between Uno and Go Fish, but much funner.

We were also gonna play the new Star Wars Trivial Pursuit Saga Edition, but when we started reading some of the questions we discovered that they had spoilers for the new movie. The big one that really upset me was: How many beasts pull Padme's body during her funeral procession? Answer: 6 (Highlight to read) That was something I probably could've guessed was going to happen, but still, I didn't want to know!

Another fun thing: playing "Assassins," which basically devolved into us running around the house, shooting each other water guns. So, so awesome.

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