Friday, May 27, 2005

Yay! Star Wars!

My work friend, Stella, has been giving me her Star Wars toys from Burger King. So far I have a pod racer, chibi Chewie, a Jar-Jar Binks that squirts water, and a General Grievous that winds up and waves two lightsabers. It's interesting to watch the progression of the character of Grievous. He was pretty scary in the Clone Wars cartoon series, but in the movie he wasn't really that intimidating, at least imo. But the toy version? Is downright cute:

Aww! So cute! :)

And to make this post completely Star Wars-related, here's a "news" article that JoiseyBoi told me about. Too funny.

Now I'm off to trivia, and then I'm going to watch Episode III. Again. Good times. Everyone seems to enjoy it more the second time, and to get more out of it with repeated viewings. Here's hoping...

Oh, and if anyone has any book recs, I'm going on vacation next week (yessssss!) and I'm almost done with The Hours, so I'll be heading to the library for new reading material. I know I want to pick up Heir to the Empire and Eragon, but if anyone has anything else that might be good for beach blanket/in-flight reading, please let me know.

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