Saturday, June 04, 2005

Wizard World Philly Day 1: I met Michael Turner!

Today, Matt and I took the trains into Philly for the con. I haven't been on a train since my trip to England 4 years ago, so I was WAY too excited about it. When we got there, we had to stand in a long line before we could actually get inside, but we made friends with some fellow geeks, so at least we were entertained. Once inside, we wondered around and found the Aspen booth, so I was able to get my convention exclusives. Then, we went to a panel for Grim Jack, written by one of Matt's comic shop buddies. I was wearing my "Go Pirates!" Veronica Mars t-shirt, and when one of the panelists commented on it, I got to spread the goodness that is VM to a wider audience. Go me!

After the panel (which was really neat, considering I've never even read the comic) we hit a Wawa for lunch. Wawas are kinda like Quik Trips, but without the gas. They had this computerized-sandwich-ordering system that that would've been really efficient, had it not taken me three tries to get a tuna salad sandwich. But bygones, because after lunch....

I stood in line at the Aspen booth and....

Mike, JT, Pete, Koi, and Marcus at the Aspen booth

I got to meet Michael Turner!


I was telling my line buddy, Stephen, that I would probably make an ass of myself and turn into a complete puddle of fangirl mush. And I was right. I have no idea what I actually said to the man, but he smiled at whatever it was, told me it was nice to meet me, and SHOOK MY HAND! SQUEE!!!

I am such an idiot. Oh, well.

After I recovered, I was able to catch the last bit of DC's "Crisis Counseling" panel, and then it was more Mike Turner goodness in the Aspen panel. Where I made an ass of myself again, mispronouncing the name of a book when I asked a question - EKOS is pronounced "eee-kos" rather than "eh-kos." But I did learn a lot of interesting stuff about my favorite book, Fathom, and it's always cool to see the writers and artists in person.

Tomorrow: Seth Green day!

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