Monday, June 06, 2005

WWP Day 3: Artists!

The last day of the con was spent walking around artist's alley, buying more comics, and sitting in a "Year of the Bat" panel, which was much cooler than I thought it would be.

In artist's alley, we met Chris Giarusso, who draws the Marvel Mini-Mates. He did a super-cute Nightcrawler sketch for me (#2 in my Nightcrawler sketch collection) and an equally cute-yet-grumpy Batman for Matt.

Chris Giarusso drawing Nightcrawler for me.

The finished product!

Plus, I got a copy of Dardevil signed by David Mack. It's the first issue in the second Echo storyline, which Mack wrote and drew. I love the character of Echo, although I think I'm probably in the minority on that one.

I also went back to the Aspen booth and asked JT Krul about upcoming Fathom stories and whether or not characters from the first volume would be returning. Happily, the mysterious blue dude will be back, and if he turns out to be Aspen's brother I will feel completely justified in my uber-intuitive comic-reading skillz. Or something.

The coolest thing about the Year of Bat panel: someone asked who would take up the costume were Bruce Wayne to retire or give it up. Dan Didio said that was something that would be addressed in the Crisis crossover. Crap, now I have to buy the thing.

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