Sunday, June 29, 2008

24 Hour Read-A-Thon Hour 20 Mini-Challenge Winner

Our winner is: Sean! Congrats to him! :) Our authors were:

Jane Austen
J.K. Rowling
Helen Fielding
Jodi Picoult
Alice Walker
David Sedaris (a reader posted this photo on their blog earlier in the 'thon, but I couldn't remember who it was)
Franz Kafka
Chinua Achebe
Haruki Murakami
Brian K. Vaughn (my favorite comic book writer; everyone should read Y: The Last Man)
Flannery O'Connor
Henry Fielding
James Patterson
George Eliot
Truman Capote
Thomas Hardy (the freebie)
Nicholas Sparks
Rudyard Kipling
Sara Gruen
Neil Gaiman
Madeline L'Engle
P.G. Wodehouse
Salman Rushdie
Michael Chabon
Margaret Atwood
Pablo Neruda
Jon Scieszka
Philippa Gregory
Mark Twain
Laura Esquivel
J.R.R. Tolkien
George Orwell
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Isabel Allende
C.S. Lewis
Chuck Palahniuk
Dan Brown
Elizabeth Gilbert

Thanks for playing, and happy reading! You're almost done!


Nymeth said...

So the one I almost knew was Capote! *slaps self in the forehead*

Also, I can't believe I got Toni Morrison and Alice Walker mixed up and did not recognize Murakami!

Congrats to Sean, and thanks again, Jessi. This was a great mini-challenge.

Bybee said...

I know how Nymeth feels because I went back and forth between Walker and Morrison.

Congrats to Sean and Props! It was challenging and very very very fun. Thanks, Jessi.

Care said...

I never claimed to know what these people look like! I'm amazed I did as well as I did - which was pathetic, really (and ashamed that I missed Wodehouse since I read a bio of him this year.)

jessi said...

Thanks; I'm glad everyone enjoyed it! And don't worry - some of those I wouldn't have gotten if I hadn't Googled them.

I love Wodehouse's picture - he looks so silly, and not at all like I thought he would. :)