Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Reading Extravaganza Day 1: Fun Summer Reads

Welcome to the Summer Reading Extravaganza! Our goal today is to get a bunch of reading ideas to help pass these hot summer days!
So we’re asking…what’s your favorite beach read or what’s in your beach bag?

Summertime is when I usually break out the chick lit or YA novels. Last year, I reread the Harry Potter series (who am I kidding, I do that pretty much every year), and before that it was Jane Austen. This year, I'm participating in three different reading challenges (the 1% Well-Read Challenge, A Midsummer Night's Challenge, and, starting next month, the Book Awards II Challenge), so I have a few books in my to-be-read pile specifically for them.

Those books aside, I love Amanda Grange's historical romances; I just read Captain Wentworth's Diary while at the beach earlier this month, and I'm looking forward to Edmund Bertram's Diary, even though he's my least favorite Austen "hero." I've also moved recently and have found a ton of old books that I read when I was younger (the Baby-sitter's Club series, Sweet Valley High, random choose-your-own-adventure novels), and I've enjoyed reading them again. My sister's picking out the ones she wants to keep, and the rest will be going on BookMooch later this summer.

Other books that I'd like to read this summer (based on recommendations from friends and other reading blogs): The Baum Plan for Financial Independence, Gifted, The Green Glass Sea, and The Clique Summer Collection (don't judge!).

Visit The Friendly Book Nook for more fun summer reading suggestions!


Nise' said...

Looks like we are in a few of the same challenges. I am going to check out Captain Wentworth's Diary. I just finished Pamela Aidan's Mr. Darcy trilogy and enjoyed them.

Emma said...

Some interesting stuff here; not heard of these challenges but am intrigued! I too love reading old books from when I was younger. Oh and I saw your comment about Jodi Picoult books on another blog. Personally the one I read first was My Sisters Keeper which I loved but another friend said she found that very depressing and couldn't get on with it. Plain Truth and Keeping Faith were another two of hers which stuck with me. Well, most of hers did but I liked those most.

tracy said...

I just joined the book awards challenge myself. Great list and how fun to re-read your old books:)

jessi said...

@ nise': I hadn't heard of Pamela Aidan's Darcy trilogy; I'll have to check that out.

@ emma: I looked up Picoult and will try to track down Plain Truth and The Tenth Circle. Those were the two that piqued my interest.

@ tracy: I'm looking forward to reading your reviews!

M said...

Thank you for the graphic novel suggestions you left in my journal. I've heard of Persepolis, but none of the others. I'm getting very intrigued by this new form of storytelling, and I will be adding your suggestions to my TBR list. :)

jessi said...

@ M: Glad to help! I love comic books, and I'm glad you're enjoying them as well. :) I'll keep an eye out for your reviews.

Mrs S said...

Hi Jessi - thanks for stopping by my site and recommending book shelves of doom - I'll definitely check that one out.