Sunday, June 29, 2008

24 Hour Read-A-Thon Hour 13 Mini-Challenge

I'm a cheerleader for the 24 Hour Read-a-thon this year, and I wasn't going to post anything (I'm dead tired from working all day and going to an A1A concert with my mom tonight), but I checked my Google Reader "one last time" before bed and saw this challenge from Vasillis and said to myself, "Well, one little post can't hurt." See that really long sentence? That's the sleepy talking. Anyway, here's my poem:

"La Reina" - Pablo Neruda

Yo te he nombrando reina.
Hay más altas que tú, más altas.
Hay más puras que tú, más puras.
Hay más bellas que tú, hay más bellas.

Ero tú eres la reina

Cuando vas por las calles
nadie te reconoce.
Nadie ve tú corona de cristal, nadie mira
la alfombra de oro rojo
que pisas cuando pasas,
la alfrombra que no existe.

Y cuando asomas
suenan todos los ríos
en mi cuerpo, sacuden
el cielo las campanas,
y un himno llena el mundo

Sóló tú y yo,
sóló tú y yo, amor mío,
lo escuchamos.

And in English:

"The Queen" - trans. Donald D. Walsh

I have named you queen
There are taller ones than you, taller.
There are purer ones than you, purer.
There are lovelier ones than you, lovelier.

But you are the queen.

When you go through the streets
no one recognizes you.
No one sees your crystal crown, no one looks
at the carpet of red gold
that you tread as you pass,
the nonexistent carpet

And when you appear
all the rivers sound
in my body, bells
shake the sky,
and a hymn fills the world.

Only you and I,
only you and I, my love,
listen to it.

Happy reading! I'll see y'all in about 6 hours for my mini-challenge. :)


N.Vasillis said...

Thanks for participating! Good night and see you in six hours!

debnance said...

Just lovely!