Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunday Salon: Book-to-TV series

Greetings, Saloners! I got a lot of reading done this week:

The Baby-Sitters Club Mystery #1: Stacey and the Missing RIng, Ann M. Martin
Chloe Does Yale, Natalie Krinsky
Four Things My Geeky-Jock-of-a-Best Friend Must Do in Europe, Jane Harrington
The Killing Joke, Alan Moore (graphic novel)
The Princess Diaries Volume II: Princess in the Spotlight, Meg Cabot
Ever, Gail Carson Levine
Little Brother, Cory Doctorow
The Hound of the Baskervilles, Arthur Conan Doyle (audiobook)

I'm still reading Less Than Zero - it's pretty depressing reading, hence all the young adult novels. I have to keep mixing it up to stay happy.

One thing that makes me happy is (some) silly, fun chick lit. I read Zoe Dean's How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls earlier this year and really enjoyed it. So imagine my surprise and delight when I came across this ad for the new show Privileged on the CW:

The book was pretty good (if a bit predictable), but I'm not entirely sure how well it'll translate into a TV series. Gossip Girl is great, but the show has strayed significantly from the series. Plus, it's a series of books, so there are more stories to draw from. How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls has a definite beginning, middle, and end - how can you make a mult-season series out of that? Still, I'm pretty interested to see how they do it.

In other news, I love The Classic Tales podcast. I subscribed recently through iTunes (hence the Sherlock Holmes audiobook) and it's great! Much better than some of the other literature podcasts I've tried. Also, please visit my Weekly Geeks post and help me review some books. I've gotten a few questions so far, and I'll be posting my responses later this week. Lucky for me, Dewey's moving and has given us an extra week. :)

Happy reading!


Hope. said...

The show looks really good. I'll try and remember that date so I can watch it. :D

Anonymous said...

I'm not into the whole teen and YA soap TV, so I know I won't watch this show. The last series like this I watched was Melrose Place and 90210.

However, I know what you mean about books-to-TV series not sticking to the book. I loved the book Dead Zone by Stephen King, but I thought the series got off track by the end of the 2nd season. I don't know if it's even on anymore.