Sunday, June 07, 2009

48 Hour Book Challenge: Update Five

Time spent reading: 27 hours
Books read: 6-ish
Under the Tuscan Sun (only had a few chapters to go when I started the challenge)
l8r, g8r
V for Vendetta
Thursday Next: First Among Sequels
MAX: A Maximum Ride Novel (My one audiobook - and it turns out I had only downloaded part of it. Oh, well!)
The Sandman: The Doll's House (so close to being finished!)

I only have two chapters left in The Doll's House, but Mom just called to remind that it's Sunday, which is our family dinner night. Also that she needed me to stop by the store and pick up some groceries for her on my way over. We're making Italian, so at least I'll have good food in my belly when I get back to reading.


Abby said...

27 hours? Excellent! If you're still going, keep up the good work!

Staci said...

Excellent job with the reading. Have a great dinner...sounds yummy!!!

Andi said...

Great job so far! I'm really hungry, so that Italian dinner is making me all jealous and stuff. :D