Monday, June 08, 2009

48 Hour Book Challenge: Update Six

Time spent reading: 28.5 hours
Books read: 7-ish
Under the Tuscan Sun (only had a few chapters to go when I started the challenge)
l8r, g8r
V for Vendetta
Thursday Next: First Among Sequels
MAX: A Maximum Ride Novel (My one audiobook - and it turns out I had only downloaded part of it. Oh, well!)
The Sandman: The Doll's House

Man, I lost almost six hours of reading time going over to my parents'. OF COURSE the Tonys were on. And it's not like you can leave in the middle, you know? I'm glad I watched the whole thing, because it's gotten me really excited about my NYC trip (leaving this Thursday!), and because I got to see that performance by the cast of Hair (which totally cracked me up), and also because those three boys winning best actor for Billy Elliot was freakin' adorable. Oh, and NPH was awesome, as always. His little "btw" cell-phone rant gave me Dr. Horrible nostalgia - fingers crossed for the sequel!

Moving goal for this challenge is now to break the 30 hour mark, which I'm pretty close to doing anyway. I've read quite a few books and even written three reviews, which is really good for me (if the huge stack of books in my to-be-reviewed pile is any indication). I'm probably going to call it a night after reading Dream Country. Hopefully not during, but we'll see.

Happy reading!

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