Thursday, December 04, 2008

Booking Through Thursday: 5 for Favorites

Today's Booking Through Thursday question(s):
1. Do you have a favorite author?

2. Have you read everything he or she has written?

3. Did you LIKE everything?

4. How about a least favorite author?

5. An author you wanted to like, but didn’t?
My absolute favorite author is Jane Austen. I've read all of her published novels and her three unfinished ones, but not her juvenile fiction (although I would love to get my hands on it someday). I enjoyed all of her novels, and I wish Lady Susan, The Watsons, and Sandition had been completed because I'm sure I would've liked them as well. As fragments, they're not bad.

I don't have a least favorite author. There are a few books I've read that I didn't really enjoy (one of the Op Center novels by Tom Clancy - I can't even remember which one it was!) and others that I was just sort of "meh" about (The Ruins). I haven't bothered to read anything else by those authors, but that's more because I stick to what I like rather than out of any sort of active dislike. So there's not really an author I wanted to like, but didn't, either. Although I really wanted to like The Last Temptation of Christ, which I started reading for the 1% Well-Read Challenge, but I just had to stop. I loved the movie, but the book just wasn't holding my attention. I'll probably try and read it again some other time, but for right now, I'm giving up on it.

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Smilingsal said...

There's a HUGE gap between the style of Jane Austen and Tom Clancy, so it's easy to see why if you love one, the other would leave you cold. Please come see my answers.

Kathy said...

Alot of Jane Austin fans. Never had any desire to read a Tom Clancy. I saw the Last temptation of Christ years ago. I thought the movie was pretty good. Haven't read the book.

Beth F said...

I love Austen. I haven't yet read Lady Susan, but it's on my list for 2009.

Anonymous said...

I am trying my hands on reading an Austen Book :) lets see!

Nise' said...

Another Jane Austen fan here. I read some of Tom Clancy's earlier books.

Anonymous said...

I've never been much of an Austen fan (said in a small little voice). And I don't think I've ever read a Clancy book.