Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Remembering Dewey...

Like most of us, I was shocked to read about the passing of our beloved Dewey. I had no idea she was ill, and a part of me still can't believe she's gone. Several people have already begun planning ways to remember her:

* Becky at Becky's Book Reviews has suggested that we pay tribute to Dewey in this week's Weekly Geeks post, so expect a remembrance post from me this Saturday.
* Raych is seeking Dewey-loving artists to create an RIP Dewey button.
* The 18th edition of Bookworms Carnival (the theme of which is "memoirs") has been dedicated to Dewey.
* Florinda has done a great job of rounding up all the individual tribute posts to Dewey and posting the links on her blog.
* Lisa Roe has offered to pass along condolences to Dewey's family.
* And there are more ideas at this BookBlogs page.

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Nymeth said...

We've known for two days now, and part of me is still thinking she can't be gone. Sigh.