Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter Reading Challenge

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December 21st marks the shortest day and the longest night of the year. As the days grow shorter and colder, the nights longer, it is a perfect time to curl up by the fire with a hot cup of tea and a good book. I have so many books in my To Be Read pile that I decided to continue on with a seasonal challenge.

The Winter Reading Challenge runs from December 21st, 2008 through March 20, 2009. There are 13 weeks in Winter and I will probably end up reading one to two books per week. Some of the books may cross over into challenges that begin 2009.

This is going to be a very casual challenge much like the Fall Reading Challenge, so please join me.

The rules are very flexible:

1) Choose any number of books you would like to read and post them on your blog.

2) They can be fiction and/or nonfiction including e-books and audiobooks

3) They can overlap with other challenges.

4) Sign up on Mr. Linky. I'm still trying to figure out Mr. Linky so will let you guys post your links yourselves when you have your lists ready.

5) In a few days, I set up a link where you can post links to your book reviews

Sigh. I wasn't going to join anymore challenges. I keep saying that I've joined too many, and I need to stop. But Veens mentioned this one (along with a few others) and I decided, well, since it's just reading what I was planning on reading anyway, it's not really that bad. Plus it overlaps with other challenges, hooray! So, here are the books that I am planning on reading between now and March 20th:

1. The Last Days of Dogtown, Anita Diamant
2. The Willoughbys, Lois Lowery
3. Matrimony, Joshua Henkin
4. V for Vendetta, Alan Moore
5. 300, Frank Miller
6. The Doll's House, Neil Gaiman
7. Coraline: The Graphic Novel, Neil Gaiman
8. Under the Tuscan Sun, Frances Mayes
9. The Mysterious Benedict Society, Trenton Lee Stewart
10. Neuromancer, William Gibson

I'll probably end up reading more than that, but 10 seems like a good number to start out with.

Read and Reviewed:
Fables #11: War and Pieces


Robin of mytwoblessings said...

Hi Jessie

Welcome to the Challenge. You have a great list of books and look forward to hearing what you think about them. I just got mysterious benedict society for my son for christmas (santa gift so he can't turn it down) We'll be reading it together of course. Have fun reading.

Robin of mytwoblessings

Anonymous said...

I'll read Neuromancer with you! I just got it on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

see! it is just the books u r going to read ;) it is no ways a challenge :)