Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stuff I found on Google Reader today...

For some reason, there was a plethora of awesomeness in GR today, and I wanted to share it with all of you.

First, today is Jane Austen's 233rd birthday! Celebrate by visiting Austen Blog to learn how you can win some Austen swag.

Neil Gaiman had lots of interesting links today, too. In addition to pimping out the amazing Coraline movie website, where you can make a button-eyed picture of yourself:
(I went with the "bookworm buttons," in case you were curious), he also mentioned that there are now 26 different alphabet cards scattered across the internets to promote the movie. "N" is at his site; I'll be looking for the rest as soon as I finish typing this post. ALSO also, the Coraline movie people sent various bloggers incredibly wonderful handmade boxes filled with paraphernalia. This blog's box came with a letter addressed to Dewey; I hope she received her box before she passed, because I know she would have loved it! Carl also got one, and was nice enough to post pictures.

Speaking of book-related web-wide treasure hunts, Scott Sigler has a new book coming out (which you can listen to free as a podcast or read as a PDF; visit his site for more info). There are twelve promo posters for Contagious out there. The list of participating sites can be found here. I think this is an incredibly genius marketing strategy. It certainly got my attention!

Next up: I wasn't going to join any more challenges (I've already signed up for next year, in addition to the I'm already participating in!), but Eva made the Science Book Challenge sound so interesting, I had to reconsider.

And finally, there's a trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine:

I didn't really enjoy the comic book "Origins" story that the movie seems to heavily rely on (I prefer my Wolvie to be a man of mystery), but I'll still be there opening night, because this looks interesting. A little full, character-wise, but interesting.


Anonymous said...

will read Persuasion today ;)

I saw that gift at Carl's... that was so awesome :)
the science realted one is a good challenge.. i love chemistry and i might just join it.. i i can get some books thst is :)

I liked the original 1st X Men, but have not watched any after :)

i like the 1st one :)

Joanne said...

Great post! I spent like an hour at the Coraline site and then I sat drooling over the Wolverine trailer :D

Nymeth said...

I was thinking about Dewey's box too...I so hope she got it.

Scott Sigler said...

Thanks for posting about the CONTAGIOUS stuff (posters, book, etc.) Very cool of you and I appreciate it. I hope you enjoy the book!