Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bout of Books 10, Day 2

I didn't do a wrap-up post yesterday because I joined the fun so late in the day, but here's where I stand with my goals as of day 2:

1. Read for at least two hours every day. [Done! Although I fudged it a bit - more on that with #5.]
2. Finish Dune before Saturday's book club meeting. [I'm currently on page 296, so I'm a little more than halfway.]
3. Read Jaka's Story before Sunday's comic book club meeting. [I've started it now, at least. I'm currently on page 78 and plan to read a bit more before bedtime. There are lots of text-heavy pages that have significantly slowed my usual graphic novel reading pace.]
4. Participate in one twitter chat (probably Wednesday's). [N/A]
5. Any other books read must be ARCs on my Kindle. [Like I said, I fudged it a bit. I did read Jaka's Story for an hour, but I also read a bunch of student journals and essays to try and get my grading under control. This close to the end of the school year I'm really pressed for time, so I'm counting it.]

How is your bout going? Good luck with day 3!

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