Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wednesday Comics for 21 May 2014

Batman and Robin #31: Batman teams up with Frankenstein('s monster) to track down Ra's and recover Damien's body. After a brief misunderstanding with some yetis (?), the issue ends on a "cliffhanger" that I'm betting will turn out to be the resurrection of Damien. These team-up books are starting to wear thin; I wish they'd just bring him back already and be done with it. 

Batwoman #31: This issue feels really short (probably due to the Superman preview), but a lot happens. Batwoman wraps up the Wolf Spider case. The Spider gets away, but we get definite confirmation as to his real identity (which was obvious from the start, IMHO). We also get a brief glimpse of a woman whom I'm guessing will be the next big bad. This was a pretty solid issue - excellent fight scene and some nice characterization with Kate and Mags, although it seems like they might be heading for trouble in their relationship. Why can't DC let its heroes be happy?

Forever Evil #7: This ending took FOREVER (ha!) to get here, but it was pretty satisfying when all is said and done. There's some interesting character work with Lex (his bromance with Bizarro is the stuff ships sail on), and the Crime Syndicate gets (mostly) taken care of. 

Justice League #30: I'm pretty sure this is the only series still milking the "Forever Evil" nonsense. Lex attempts to join the League, but Superman puts his foot down. Poor Clark is having a hard time concentrating because he normally filters out ambient chatter...unless people mention Lex Luthor. Which they're doing constantly. That was my favorite bit from the book. The rest was okay; I'm curious to see if Lex blackmails Bruce to get on the team or what. 

Lola XOXO #2: The storytelling was a little confusing in this issue. We met a lot of new characters, including some carnies who were forced to fight wild animals (how very Ancient Rome) and Edgar, Lola's new boss. The art is still amazing (Siya's sketchy style is perfect for the post-apocalyptic setting), but I'm wondering where the story is going. Looking forward to issue three!

Saga #19: Oh, man. I love this story so much. There was a major time jump, so now we have Hazel as an adorable toddler hiding out on a neutral planet with her crazy family. The art is gorgeous as usual (the opening page is quite...interesting), and the characters are as dynamic and lovable as ever. BUT the issue ends on a pretty heavy cliffhanger that I'm hoping is just a big fake-out, ala Lying Cat's death. 

Wonder Woman #31: Some big things are happening, and I'm so glad this book doesn't tie in to the events going on in the rest of the DCU. Diana is still adjusting to being a god and queen, Hades is gone (dead?), and the Amazons are learning how to deal with a man on the island. It's all leading to an epic battle, and I can't wait to see oh it turns out. I'm really going to miss this creative team. 

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